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Bajadas (Winter), Acrylic on Canvas, 34x34 inches, 2022
Bajadas (Fall), Acrylic on Canvas, 24x24 inches, 2022

I am a Seattle, Washington based artist with a significant and original body of work spanning more than twenty years. My paintings offer a unique vision of the landscape and the inspirational forces of nature which shape it. The canvases are boldly colored and the brushwork energetic, reflective of the physicality of the land and the processes of painting.


My primary medium is acrylic paint on canvas, applying the material with a direct and rapid technique. Genuine painting involves risk-taking. I rely on spontaneity and embrace the unplanned and accept that painting, like nature, is a continuous chain. The emphasis of my process is one of discovery. It is this philosophy that makes painting exciting and meaningful for me, and feeds my ambitions as an artist.

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