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Artist Statement

My paintings offer a unique vision of the landscape and the inspirational forces of nature which shape it. The canvases are boldly colored and the brushwork energetic, reflective of the physicality of the land and the processes of painting.


My primary medium is acrylic paint on canvas, applying the material with a direct and corporeal technique. Genuine painting involves risk-taking. I rely on spontaneity and embrace the unplanned and accept that painting, like nature, is a continuous chain. The emphasis of my process is one of discovery. It is this philosophy that makes painting exciting and meaningful for me and feeds my ambitions as an artist.


The central theme of my work has always lain within the primacy of the application of material in the process of painting.  It is in essence the evidence of the physical interaction of the artist with the “stuff of this world,” - an evidence of life. I am fascinated by the leap made by an individual or the collective imagination to conceive of the possibilities that lie within any material, image, or object. Where meaning and form can be translated in the minds eye far beyond the intrinsic make up of that which is seen. 


In my work I try to capture that moment of becoming, when the paint on the canvas floats between what it is and what it might be. At a fundamental level it is about transformation.  The process of painting becomes an echo of the traces left from a story of living imprinted

on the land.

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